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Wat Ho Pra Kaew, Vientiane - Click to see more photos
Wat Ho Pra Kaew, Vientiane
Photo: Visit Asia Travel
A wat is a buddhist temple in Laos, Thailand or Cambodia. Religious buildings of other religions (for examle the ruins from the Hindu era) can also be referred to as a 'wat'. The word 'wat' (or 'vat') literally translates to 'school'. The temple also has other functions, like library or orphanage.

The temple plays a mojor role in the daily live of Lao people and it is one of the most interesting place to visit while you are in Laos.

The temple compound is typically surrounded by a wall, and on the compound are different types of buildings and structures:

When visiting Laos, don't forget to enter at least some temples. Here are some interesting temples:

Lao Temples abroad
If you are not in Laos, you may still have a chance to see a Lao Temple, as there are a few temples abroad: