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Savannakhet Province
Savannakhet is a province in the south of Laos. The capital city of this province is alos called Savannakhet.

About 15 percent of the population of Laos, lives in Savannakhet province. Because of its strategic location between Thailand en Vietnam, the province has become more and more important for trade with the neighbouring countries.

In 2007 the second Friendship bridge over the Mekong was built, connecting Savannakhet with Mukdahan in Thailand.
Mekong bridge - Savannakhet - Click to see more photos
Mekong bridge - Savannakhet
Photo: Eustaquio Santimano

De province consists mainly of lowland, inhabited by Lao Lum, Thai Dam, Phu Thai and others. Visiting their villages is very popular among travellers.

In the mountainous area in the centre of the province, the Phu Xang Hae NBCA is established, with its vast forests. Possibly one of the most popular attractions is the Ho Chi Minh trail, which was used by the north-Vietnamese during the last Indochinese war, to transport people and goods to the south of Vietnam.