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Hua Phan Province
Mountains of Hua Phan - Click to see more photos
Mountains of Hua Phan
Photo: Phana
Far away from the usual beaten tourist track, lies the northern province of Hua Phan. It is not easy to get to this province from the neighbouring provinces, that's why many travellers choose to come here from Vietnam.

The best time for a visit is between April and October, after the rainy season. That is when the villages and the nature are lush and green.

The main tourist attractions in Hua Phan are the Vieng Xai caves, the former headquarters of the Pathet Lao. Tourism is still a new activity here. The capital of the province is Sam Neua, about 20 percent of the provinces population lives there.
Hua Phan province - Click for larger map
Hua Phan province