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1000 kip banknote - Click to see more photos
1000 kip banknote
Photo: Jack
The currency unit of Laos is the Kip. There are banknotes of 50.000, 20.000, 10.000, 5.000, 2.000, 1.000, and 500 kip. You are not likely to see the smaller bills of 100, 50, 20, 10 and even 1 Kip. In many places, Thai Baht and US Dollars are accepted as well. The euro is not generally accepted. But you will always get the most out of your money, when you pay with Lao Kip.

Exchange rate calculation
Currently, you will get about rateEUR Lao Kip for an euro or rateUSD Kip for one US Dollar. Just to give you an idea, you can enter an amount here. You can enter the currency of your choice, and the amount of the other currencies will be calculated immediately, based upon the most recent exchange rates.
Lao Kip (LAK)
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Thai Baht (THB)

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Money machines
Until recently, there wat not a single ATM anywhere in Laos, but this is rapidly changing. It should be no problem now to find ATM's in cities like Huay Xai, Luang Prabang, Pakse, Vang Vieng or Vientiane. Outside the cities, it becomes a little bit more difficult. Apart this, the machines don't always work as they should. Don't relay on your plastic money too much, and always make sure to have enough cash money with you.

Traveller cheques
Traveller cheques are just no good in Laos. It is often complicated or plain impossible to change them. It will take lots of time and you will loose lots of money in commissions.